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There are plenty of certified public accountants out there, but few can file for taxes in every state in the country. As tax season draws near, contact Lloyd Spector for St. James tax services. Our office has a high retention rate because we genuinely care about each client. Whether you are a corporation, LLC, partnership or just need your personal taxes prepared, we will reduce your tax liability as far as we possibly can.   

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Keep these tips in mind for a better tax season

Keep these tips in mind for a better tax season

You don’t have to struggle with tax preparation in St. James, New York anymore. Lloyd Spector is here to help you plan more efficiently. Check out these pointers from our office:

  • File everything electronically – our clients give us permission to complete their reporting online. This enables us to maintain accuracy, ensuring documents never go missing.
  • Utilize a template – Lloyd Spector has a customizable template for filing tax returns. We can plug in your information with minimum hassle.
  • Remember to bring last year’s tax return and a valid ID – the more information we have, the faster we can process your tax return, and proof of identification is essential.

We look forward to discussing your tax preparation needs at our St. James, NY location.