Hire a CPA to Launch Your St. James, NY Business

Hire a CPA to Launch Your St. James, NY Business

It’s possible to start out on firm financial footing

Whether you’ve just opened your business or it’s still in the planning stages, congrats are in order. Turning a vision into a reality is no small task. Once you’re settled, come to us for accounting services. If you’re still establishing your company, turn to Lloyd Spector CPA for entity choice services. We’re based in St. James, New York, but we serve the surrounding areas, too.

Contact us at 516-375-0034, and we’ll explain the value of:

  • Making sure you choose the right entity for your business 
  • Knowing critical financial information, especially if you are an independent contractor 
  • Allowing a CPA to review financial paperwork 

Don’t hesitate to call us with questions or concerns about the launch process.

Why select Lloyd Spector as your CPA?

While Lloyd Spector has an assortment of monthly clients, we also provide seasonal accounting services to St. James locals. We maintain flexible appointment hours and competitive rates, and we can file taxes in any state across the U.S. We take pride in giving personal attention to each and every client, so schedule your initial consultation today.