3 Reasons to Contact St. James, NY’s Experienced CPA

1. You need accounting services for your local business

If you’re hoping to increase the financial stability of your company, do so with the help of an accountant. St. James, New York trusts Lloyd Spector CPA with money matters both big and small. Make informed financial decisions based on accurate reporting from a dependable professional. Lloyd Spector earned his CPA license in 1983 and has assisted corporations and individuals ever since.

Call our St. James office at 516-375-0034 to schedule your free consultation today.

2. You hate filing your tax return

Accountants are the only people we know of who genuinely enjoy filing for taxes. If tax season is your least favorite time of the year, consider hiring a CPA. Lloyd Spector is qualified to file taxes in any state and will help you save money on your tax return. Here’s how our process works:

  • You deliver your tax information by mail, email, fax or you can stop by the office 
  • We analyze your records and go over your expenses
  • We prepare your tax returns and discuss the results with you 
  • You give us permission to file your taxes electronically

It really is that simple. Invest in tax services from a St. James, NY CPA – you won’t regret it.

3. You could use financial advice

We currently have 300 individual clients for a reason. Lloyd Spector is a respected certified public accountant and offers wise counsel. Perhaps you need entity choice services, or maybe you need personal accounting insight. Rest assured, we’ll never treat you like a second-rate customer. We make every client a priority.

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